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With over 15 years’ experience across the Group, Acuity Care Group has continued to grow steadily, by providing both high quality and high acuity services throughout the UK.

The majority of our services are commissioned by Clinical Commissioning Groups but we also provide services to local authority commissioners. Our success has been built on our commitment to delivering outstanding, honest, and affordable services to individuals and to the state.

Our senior management team has been instrumental in the Group’s success. With one of the most entrepreneurial and dedicated management teams in the healthcare sector, we continue to set the bar in providing the finest acuity care around the UK. 

Christina Walsh
Chief Operating Officer at Acuity Care Group
Chris qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1990 and spent several years working in a variety of residential services before moving to work specifically in learning disability, autism, and mental health. As her career progressed, Chris began working in neuro rehabilitation services that delivered both acute and slow stream rehabilitation from hospitals through to community care.

“We provided both rehabilitation and long-term care for individuals who had been affected by an acquired brain injury or other neurological impairment, which included those both physically and cognitively impacted. As the years passed, I moved into complex homecare, working with teams who delivered individualised care built around the person, which enabled them to live as full a life as possible in their own homes.”

Chris now supports the teams at Acuity Care Group to deliver the highest quality care to individuals, whilst also helping the staff who are responsible for delivering outstanding care and support. When asked about the best thing about her role, Chris firmly believes it is “making a positive difference to the lives of people we support.
Deborah Rice
Director of Business – LDA
Deborah started her career as a Learning Disability Nurse, before moving into NHS management,and has enjoyed a varied career in senior management roles across all care sectors including nursing , complex care, learning disability, forensics, and neuro rehab.

Her career journey began as a project lead on resettlement programmes and the closure of the long stay hospitals in Surrey. Deborah then moved into various registered manager roles in domiciliary care, nursing, brain injury rehab, and residential care across the NHS, Local Authorities, charitable organisations and the private sector. Most recently, Deborah held Regional Operations / Service Development Director roles, having responsibility for large portfolios within care services and domiciliary care agencies across the UK.

Asked why she chose to join LDA, Deborah says, “I was attracted to the uniqueness of the organisation and the fact that every support package is designed and delivered with the person at the centre of everything. The flexibility to adapt the support to evolving needs and the way staff are selected and trained to meet the person’s specification, before being delivered at a time and in way chosen by the individual, is something which really appealed to me. I know I will enjoy empowering individuals with LDA who need reasonable adjustments made to live a quality life.”
Sarah McHugh
Director of Business – Team Brain Injury Support
Sarah has worked within the Health & Social Care sector for over 18 years, the vast majority of which has been spent providing clinical and support services to help individuals with complex care needs live independently in their own homes.

“I love the huge satisfaction (and overcoming the challenges!) that delivering great care provides. Our clients are the most important consideration, and meeting their differing needs and requirements means that there is never a dull, nor repetitive day in health care.  I consider it a privilege to support people and to facilitate their choices, however small, enabling them to live the life that they want to live.”

Sarah considers herself very fortunate to have always worked with a great team of people, whose primary objective is to ensure individuals remain safe and supported. Watching people progress in their rehabilitation through the right support and enabling an individual to participate in an activity which they never thought possible are two of the main reasons why Sarah continues to work within the sector.
Louise Dobson
Director of Business - Complex Care
Louise started her career in health and social care, when she qualified as a Registered General Nurse in 1996. She then spent the next five years working in the community, in rural Cheshire, until she relocated to Norfolk in 2001 and took the decision to move in to operational management.

In 2003, Louise was instrumental in the development and implementation of a community continuing healthcare delivery model, working in conjunction with Norfolk Primary Care Trust (setting the strategy for the delivery of complex care in the community). She has spent the last 20 years working in a number of different operational management, service development and leadership roles, within complex care and domiciliary care, including Registered Manager, for a large high acuity complex care business.

“My passion throughout my career, has always been in supporting and enabling individuals with highly complex needs, to live a fulfilling life at home. It is such a privilege to be leading the complex care service for Bespoke Health and Social Care. I am very lucky to work with a team of people who are truly passionate about facilitating high quality, individualised care and support and are so committed to really making a difference.”
Bespoke Health & Social Care

As one of the UK’s leading providers of complex care at home, we deliver individualised, person-centred packages of care to those we support and empower them to make informed decisions.

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team brain injury support

We provide specialised, high-level support across England to support people with varying degrees of Acquired Brain Injury (and associated conditions) within their own homes.

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Learning Disability & Autism

We are committed to driving the Transforming Care agenda, which aims to provide care in homes, not hospitals, and work collaboratively to support individuals with learning disabilities, autism, mental health conditions and behaviours of concern.

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