Environmental, Social and Governance Report

Acuity Care’s Approach to ESG Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to adapt our service offerings to protect and support both our employees and our clients. The Group has a combined excess of 30 years’ experience in the complex care industry, and together our sense of purpose remains the pillar of all we do to serve and protect our clients so that they live their best lives. This is where we set out our ESG commitment, in a world that requires businesses to adapt and change.

With our purpose remaining central to all we do, our commitment has grown around this to create a healthier, greener, safer, and more prosperous society in all the areas in which we operate. As a people-centric operation, we aim to deliver a higher social value-focused outcome. We understand that actions speak louder than words, so we will report annually on our achievements and shortfalls against the goals we set, providing evidence and examples of where we are leading the way in the industry in creating a positive impact for:

Our Planet

Our People

Our Clients

Our Community

Our focus on Systems and Processes

Our first action is to set up a dedicated ESG Steering Committee to champion the adoption and implementation of our ESG strategy. In our core operations, we will focus on strengthening our relationship with our employees and support workers, building strong systems of internal controls, as well as taking into account the additional social benefits we can deliver for our clients through our contracts.

Integrating ESG throughout the organisation

Our ESG integration will ensure:
- Sustainable Development Goals guide the changes made internally
- We are recognised as a competitive company with a big picture approach

Our focus on our People

We know that Acuity Care is only as good as the talented people who work with us, and the management team that steers our work processes. We want to encourage our team to be socially responsible citizens, ensuring that they recognise the importance of their individual contribution to making the world a better place. This will mean engaging with them and empowering them to be the best they can be in their work and personal lives.

Embedding ESG into our vision

We believe our focus should be on:
- Furthering training and learning opportunities for management and support workers to optimise our current workforce and grow a stronger team with more opportunities for personal growth and career development

- Integrating a strong Diversity, Equality & Inclusion policy and culture into the core of Acuity Care’s foundation and recruitment policy

- Strengthening the management system, which ensures stronger communication between our support workers and management

You can view our full ESG report here