Learning Disability & Autism

Learning Disability & Autism

Our LDA service continues to grow rapidly year-on-year, which goes to show just what a transformational service it really is. Some of the conditions our team successfully help to manage include:

• Profound and Multiple Learning disability (PMLD)
• Congenital Birth Injury/Illness or injury in early childhood
• Downs Syndrome
• Autistic Spectrum Disorder
•Retts Syndrome
• Cerebral Palsy
• Epilepsy

Tailored positive behaviour support training and care planning

CQC registered

Solution-focussed approach

Quick to mobilise care packages

Passionate about “homes not hospitals”

Expert PBS-Led Support

Johns’ Story

“I would like to pass on my thanks and appreciation to the whole team on JC package. I am so impressed with what has been achieved and under such difficult circumstances. “It is heart-warming to see the improvement in quality of life that JC now has.

“This transition has been a shining example of personalised care and how, when a system works effectively together, what amazing things we can achieve. 

“This has been fundamentally down to the carers and the LDA team. It has been a well oiled machine and they have run with ideas and absolutely flourished.

“The team really is excellent. It's so lovely to see, and a thank you email does not suffice for the appreciation we, as commissioners, have for you.

“Please make sure every carer is made aware, that we think they are doing an amazing job & they have changed this young man’s life.”

Senior Nurse Lead for Fast Tracks & Complex Case Support

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